Weekend Reading, #1: The End of the A380 in Sight, the A220 comes to Delta, and Ups & Downs for HSR

Remember our News Roundup series? This is roughly the same idea, but in a slightly different format. I plan to run this with two sections: one for items in the aviation space, and another for items outside of it (politics, technology news, really anything I find interesting) because aviation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Please enjoy.

In Aviation:

  • The USS Hornet (CV-8), a Yorktown-class aircraft carrier sunk during the Battle of Santa Cruz Islands on October 26, 1942, has been found by the RV Petrel private research ship funded by the late billionaire Paul Allen. The Hornet was scuttled after taking on severe damage from Japanese air attacks. The Hornet is particularly significant as the carrier that launched the Doolittle Raid, as well as being present at the Battle of Midway

Beyond the skies:

That’s been your weekend reading for Sunday, February 17th! Stay tuned for the next update for more interesting news!


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